NEWS – Biodiversity Offsets Scheme

Western Sydney interim designated areas to be extended for 12 months

The following western Sydney local government areas have been declared as Interim Designated Areas (IDAs) for a further 12 months: Camden, City of Campbelltown, City of Fairfield, City of Hawkesbury, City of Liverpool, City of Penrith and Wollondilly. An amendment to the Biodiversity Conservation (Savings and Transitional) Regulation 2017 is being progressed to defer commencement of the biodiversity offsets scheme for local development in these local government areas until 25 November 2019.

The relevant Councils have been advised and provided with some information addressing common questions around assessment and offsetting processes for development applications in an IDA.

Biodiversity offsets scheme commencing for local development for former IDA areas

On 25 November 2018, the biodiversity offsets scheme will commence for local development in the Cessnock, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Central Coast and Coffs Harbour local government areas, and in the West Dapto Urban Release Area in the Wollongong local government area.

The biodiversity impacts of new development applications (or modifications) submitted from 25 November 2018 in these areas will be assessed in accordance with the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2017.

So What Does this Mean for our Clients

If you are located in one of the Interim Designated Areas you can still lodge under the old legislative requirements for your Flora and Fauna Reports including the 7 Part Test of Significance.  If you are in an area where the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme is already in place or is commencing you will be required to determine if you are having a significant impact through the 5-part test of significance and whether you require a Biodiversity Development Assessment Report for offsetting.

As certified assessors we are here to assist our clients with sound advice to achieve their project objectives.

As experienced Sydney based Environmental Consultants we also offer a range of other services includingVegetation Management Plans, Bushland Regeneration, Contamination Assessments (SEPP 55), and Effluent Disposal Reports.  These types of assessments are generally required for most developments and as such when contacting our company you have one point of contact to provide professional advice and services for many of the assessments you will require.

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