Vegetation Management Plan (VMP), Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP)

Vegetation Management Plans, Biodiversity Management Plans and Ecological Restoration Plans are undertaken to restore and manage bushland. These are often required where bushland abuts developments such a residential, rural residential, rural or infrastructure developments.  Often associated with Endangered Ecological Communities and/or threatened plants or fauna habitat these areas are important and clear management is required.  With a background in soils and Restoration Ecology Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd has been involved in the restoration and management of native communities since 1992.  We undertake a range of services from the development of a Vegetation Management Plan and Weed Management Plans and also undertaken their implementation on the ground to restore complete ecosystems on barren ground.

Vegetation Management Plans (VMP’s) are often requested as part of the Development Application process and due to our years of experience both writing VMP’s and implementing the works on the ground we provide well thought out plans which are cost effective and efficient to implement.  Our focus has always been on ecological restoration thus viewing both the flora and fauna ecology as one, instead of just focussing on flora and as such our plans provide meaningful gains in ecological values.  This has been seen to be extremely valuable by local councils over the years as our on ground works progress and areas of bushland and joined up to other areas of bushland thus improving their integrity and viability.

With a background in both soils and agriculture this assists our Restoration Ecology work on the ground and the implementation of our Vegetation Management Plans.  We assess the soil in relation to its structure, nutrient and water holding capacity and this allows us to plan out our restoration works.  Custom designed watering systems are often used to provide for excellent plant growth in a short period of time and to bring plants through the hot summer periods.  We have achieved excellent results in periods of drought with high temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius with our watering systems.

For weed management and ecosystem maintenance we utilise the most cost effective herbicide solutions which are timed for maximum effectiveness.  Overall our experience provides for cost effective solutions for our clients and extremely pleasing visual results as our work often forms the visual backdrop for new residential subdivisions.

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