Bushland Regeneration Sydney – by Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd

Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd undertake a range of Vegetation Management Plans – Sydney and Bush Regeneration – Sydney.  The attached video shows a recent project at Kellyville (The Hills Shire Council Local Government Area) which was undertaken as part of a residential development subdivision.  The Vegetation Management Plan was written by Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd for this housing development and Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd also undertook the Bush Regeneration and Vegetation Management on the site.  Fauna habitat supplementation and restoration was also undertaken as this is a critical part of the management and restoration of any functional ecosystem.  We have been involved in Ecosystem Restoration and Bushland Regeneration since 1992 and are proud of our accomplishments in restoring habitat to offset impacts from developments.  This project involved the restoration of an area to join up areas of bushland to increase its viability and integrity and to make it a larger functional patch of vegetation.  The project also involved the stabilisation of a batter adjoining a subdivision road and the planting of this batter with native species endemic to the adjoining bushland.  This batter area however had to be planted to enable it conform to part of the asset protection zone and as such it had to have a reduced fuel loading.  The use of native species for such a batter stabilisation provides habitat for fauna and also a buffer to the adjoining bushland to protect it from edge impacts whilst also performing the function of slope stability erosion control.  As Sydney Environmental Consultants we undertake a range of services for our clients which integrate together functionally to manage the potential conflicts of development.  Our services range from Flora and Fauna Reports, Effluent Reports, Vegetation Management Plans, Contamination Reports, Bushland Regeneration, Bushfire Report and reports to comply with the new Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports and the new 5 part-test – Section 7.3 Biodiversity Conservation Act).

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