Tree Health Assessment and Management

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[/span2] [span6] Trees can add significant value to a property when managed well. On the contrary, even a single tree can pose a variety of risks when not given the right attention. Our team possesses the training and expertise required to accurately evaluate your trees and make recommendations to improve health and prevent damage.

Assessing tree health requires reviewing a number of factors, including the size and structure of the tree, the presence of decay and damage, properties of the wood, the surrounding topography, soil, water sources, endemic weather conditions, and others. Potential hazards are evaluated depending on nearby structures, adjacent transportation corridors, and human activity in the area. Anderson Environmental provides the following tree management services.
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  • Conducting tree inventories to catalog all trees currently on the property.
  • Tree condition assessments to determine the health and danger of the tree or trees in question.
  • Recommendations for tree care activities, including pruning and removal for public safety and protection purposes.
  • Reporting and recommendations.

We take a consultative approach to every project, as no two trees are alike in with regard to their current condition and the surrounding environment. To learn more about how we can help, contact us today.
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