We provide a range of assessments in relation to Ecology. These include assessments for Residential Developments, Mining Projects, Roads, Pipelines, along with specific targeted flora and fauna surveys. We undertake broad scale and site specific surveys depending on client and project requirements. These include general flora and fauna surveys including habitat mapping. Targeted surveys and trapping including radiotracking and Anabat surveys are undertaken to meet project and legislative requirements.

Assessments include:

  • General and targeted flora and fauna surveys.
  • Threatened Species Conservation Act (1995) assessments.
  • EPA Act Assessments (including the 7 Part Test of Significance).
  • Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) assessments.
  • Species Impact Statements.
  • Habitat mapping and home range assessment.
  • Microchiropteran Bat Surveys and Anabat Call Analysis.
  • Fauna trapping and surveys using other techniques.
  • Call playback for Fauna.
  • Radiotracking of Fauna.