Ecological Restoration

We undertake a broad range of reports including Vegetation Management and Ecological Restoration Plans.  These often aid in a Biodiveristy Offset on development sites.  In addition to undertaking the writing of the plans for submission to local government we actually undertake the on ground work of clearing and poisoning weeds and planting native species.  Often work is undertaken within Endangered Ecological Communities and successful projects include the restoration and management of the endangered ecological communities of Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest (for Kellyville High School) and Shale Plains Woodland (Panorama Estate – Mirvac Homes at Glenfield).  These projects ran over a period of two years each.  This work involved weed removal and management, soil and batter stabilisation, and planting and maintenance of tubestock along with providing written reports for submission to local government authorities for compliance.