Contamination SEPP 55 Assessments


Anderson Environmental provides thorough Phase1 and Phase 2 site assessments to determine the presence and extent of potential environmental hazards and contaminants for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. In many sectors, site assessments are highly important, for a variety of reasons.

In real estate purchases, an environmental site assessment can protect buyers and limit liability by identifying environmental risks before the transaction occurs.

There are three core components of a phase 1 site assessment.

  • Site Inspection. The initial site inspection involves a thorough visual review of the interior and exterior of any structures on the property, exterior areas, flora and fauna, property lines, and adjacent properties. The inspection looks for evidence of current or past activities on the property that may have caused contamination to soil or groundwater. This includes aerial photo interpretation and thorough ground inspection.
  • Record Reviews. The assessment team will review the property’s historical records, including permits and ownership, going back as far as records are available, to determine whether any former uses could have led to contamination or environmental damage.
  • Interviews. By conducting interviews with current and former owners and tenants, more information about actual uses and on-site activities may be gained.

Phase 2 assessments involve much more details assessment and analysis to determine the extent and nature of any contamination.

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