What is a Flora and Fauna Report or Ecological Assessment Report ?

As Ecologists (Ecological Consultants) based in Sydney and servicing our clients throughout New South Wales, we are often asked by our clients what is an Ecological Assessment Report ? (Flora and Fauna Report, Ecological Assessment, 5 Part Test of Significance, Biodiversity Development Assessment Report) ?.  Basically, these are reports which a government authority (often a council) requests to provide information relating to the fauna and flora habitat values on a property along with the potential impacts from an activity such as a land development.  At Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd we are qualified and experienced ecologists with experience undertaking Flora and Fauna Assessments and Ecological Assessments since 1992 and these have been undertaken for almost every purpose imaginable including: residential and rural residential subdivisions, powerline construction, water pipelines, mapping of threatened flora and fauna habitats, water catchment biodiversity surveys, mining impact assessment, land re-zonings and for bushland management.  These ecological reports have many names including;

  • Flora and Fauna Assessment Report (7 Part Test of Significance – now the 5 Part Test of Significance)
  • Flora and Fauna Report
  • Ecological Assessment Report
  • Biodiversity Assessment Report
  • Bushland Assessment Report
  • Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Flora and Fauna Impact Assessment

With the recent change in legislation however with the implementation of the Biodiversity Conservation Act (BC Act 2016) and the Biobanking Assessment Methodology (BAM) the reports are now titled:

  • Biodiversity Development Assessment Report (BDAR) – these are undertaken to assess the impacts of a development on a development site. They assess the ecological values and provide a credit calculation of how many offset credits are required (if applicable).
  • Biodiversity Stewardship Assessment Report (BSAR) – these are undertaken to assess the values of a site, often a site which is to be proposed to be used as an offset. They calculate the credits for species and ecosystems on the site.  These were formerly call Biobanking Sites.
  • Biodiversity Certification Assessment Reports (BCAR) – these are often undertaken for strategic assessments of lands and changes in land use.

We are fully qualified and accredited Biobanking Assessment Method Assessors (BAM Assessors) accredited and licensed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW).  We are qualified to undertake Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports (BDAR), Biodiversity Stewardship Assessment Reports (BSAR) and Biodiversity Certification Assessment Reports (BCAR).

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