Sydney to get 5 Million Trees!

“Sydney is to get 5 Million Trees as part of an initiative from the NSW government.  The aim is to provide Green Spaces through Bush Regeneration and other targeted planting to improve many aspects of life in Sydney.  The government aims to double the tree cover in Sydney to 40 per cent with all native trees.  As experienced Ecological Restoration Specialists and Bush Regenerators we see the value in this approach to improve the quality of life for both people and native flora and fauna.  It will also improve the impacts of urban development by reducing urban heat islands as outlined in the article below and generally improve the social wellbeing of people living in the Sydney Basin as well as providing quality Vegetation Management of Sydney Flora and Fauna.  As flora and fauna consultants we have undertaken many Vegetation Management Plans for urban land developments through the years and have had the time to see the impacts restoring and improving ecosystems can provide for the quality of life for people and flora and fauna.”