Flora and Fauna Reports and Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports

Flora and Fauna Reports and Biodiversity Development Assessment Reports (BDAR Report) under the Biodiversity Offset Scheme (BOS)

The change to legislative requirements for Ecological Assessments as part of the Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) and Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS) which was incrementally implemented from 2016-2019 in NSW has resulted in some uncertainty and confusion for both developers and councils managing development applications. There are various triggers to determine whether a Flora and Fauna Report and 5-Part Tests OR a Biodiversity Development Assessment Report (BDAR) is required as part of a development application. This is termed the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Threshold Test.

The most obvious trigger for the requirement of a BDAR over a standard Flora and Fauna Report is if the development will impact Mapped Vegetation on the Biodiversity Values Map (BV Map). It is important to remember that any impact on mapped vegetation includes bushfire asset protection zones, drainage/storm water or any other works which would impact a mapped vegetation area. Any impacts automatically trigger the requirement for a BDAR Report by an Ecological Consultant who is an Accredited BAM Assessor. Often a client will receive a letter from council stating that the impact of their proposed development will require assessment under the Biodiversity Conservation Act and will require an Ecological Assessment (Flora and Fauna Assessment) to determine if a BDAR is required. The reason for the uncertainty is that it is quite difficult with many sites to determine if the Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) is triggered and if an assessment under the Biodiversity Assessment Method is required until a detailed Ecological Assessment is undertaken. There are also other triggers such as the clearing threshold based on the relevant Local Environment Plan (LEP) or if a Significant Impact is likely.

More information can be found at the link provided below. We are Accredited Biodiversity Assessment (BAM Assessors) and have a Certified Practising Ecological Consultant on our team. Please give us a call to discuss your project or potential land purchase to determine the way forward. We can be contacted via phone or you can use our web page contact form and upload your project plans and details and we will get back to you promptly.