Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) Phase II Environmental Site Assessment – Bilpin Petrol Station

Anderson Environmental Pty Ltd recently undertook a Contamination Assessment (Detailed Site Investigation – Phase II Environmental Site Assessment) under SEPP 55.  The work involved assessing the potential impacts of the previous use of the site in regard to potential contamination from the petrol station in relation to a proposed bakery being developed on the site.

DetailDetailed Site Investigation (DSI) Contamination Assessment

Whenever any site is purchased (or preferably before purchase) it is important to ensure it is fit for the purpose for which it is proposed to be used.  It is also important to ensure you are not purchasing a liability by purchasing a site with contamination and large clean-up costs.  Councils generally require a Preliminary Site Investigation (Stage 1 or Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment) in the first instance.  This preliminary report is to determine the previous use of a site in relation to its potential risk in relation to soil and/or groundwater contamination or hazardous chemicals or materials which may be present.  This preliminary assessment provides a professional opinion in relation to the risk of contamination on the site and whether additional work in the form of a Detailed Site Investigation (often termed a Stage 2 or Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment) is required.  A Detailed Site Investigation is to target potential contaminants and potential contamination based on the results of the Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI under SEPP55).  In this particular case the site had been used in the past as a Petrol Station with historic use dating back decades.  It has been quite a while since fuel was 49 cents per litre and the age of the pumps also provides evidence of the age of the previous use.  The Ampol sign reminds me of the “I’m as Australian as Ampol” advertising from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Detailed Site Investigation (DSI) Contamination Assessment

Our work as Environmental and Geotechnical/Contamination Consultants takes us throughout NSW, Queensland and Victoria.  We get to see and undertake assessments on a broad range of sites.  We recommend obtaining a Preliminary Site Investigation before any site is purchased as once the site is purchased as the landowner you now own the contamination and clean up costs can be extremely expensive.

We utilise our own drilling equipment for most jobs and in some cases draw on our large number of associations with other drilling companies to undertake thorough and detailed assessments.  We have been asked for professional advice from the NSW EPA in the past and keep up to date with the latest legislative requirements and sampling techniques and equipment.

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